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Mario Deschênes est un

Artiste – Auteur – Compositeur – Interprète, Producteur, Designer  qui invente, réalise et produit un univers musical et artistique original, avec ses textes,  sa musique, ses chansons, ses créations sur les vêtements et ses vidéos.

Mario Deschenes



Mario Deschênes  is an

Artist – Author – Writer, Singer , Producer, Designer, he invents, executes, produces an original musical universe with his lyrics, music, songs, his piece of clothes and videos.

Mario Deschenes









Unicitude Door 5



Bonjour, j’aimerais prendre un peu de votre temps pour me présenter.


Je me nomme Mario Deschênes, membre unique de OneSelf, groupe de musique Rock, tendance mélodique, dont l’album Unicitude Door 5, distribué par Sugo Music Distribution,  qui est disponible sur I tunes en plus de divers sites de téléchargements.


Jusqu’à maintenant, je suis le créateur derrière tous mes albums. Du premier mot jusqu’à la dernière note, en plus de créer le visuel pour mes albums.


Afin d’accompagner mes chansons, j’ai produit et réalisé 12 vidéos. Disponible sur You Tube.


Pour mon album le plus récent Unicitude Door 5, qui comprend 12 chansons, 5 en français et 7 en anglais. Voilà des chansons francophones et anglophones qui sont jouées avec une émotion sincère et authentique, en plus de la passion qui les habite.


Voici d’autres liens pour mieux connaître ma musique.


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Unicitude  Door 5



OneSelf  is 5 albums old, and I don’t talk about years I spent to learn how to make an album , the way to realise the kind of album I want to realise,  I produced and recorded a lots of songs. Yes believe me, theses first songs and albums were good but not enough, It was not the quality I was looking for.


5 Rock albums later, with a constant sense of creating the best genuine, authentic Rock album in English and in French. In these albums you can hear the best songs which I am proud of. You can like them or not, taste is in the nature of human being. You’ll also hear passion in every songs , words, played by every instruments.


For my last album, Unicitude Door 5, distributed by Sugo music Group over 250 to 1200 sites, in 250 countries and territories.  As I tunes and Spotify among others.


I made it as a work of Art, building the songs, step by step, layer by layer. I respected the location of each and every instruments as voices and back vocals,


All is in good place, helping the songs to sound as great as possible.


12 Rock songs and Blues one in OneSelf ‘s style. Great hooks, steady Drums, nervous rhythmic guitar, inspired guitar solo. What to say about The Bass guitar and the piano completing the song they are in, present a final and completed song.


If you have time to listen to, just one song, I encourage you to hear and taking a look at Unicitude  ( Unique link ).  Track number 11, if you ask. After one listening, you will want to hear the entire album , Just to be sure, you don’t pass beside something true and real as songs in Unicitude Door 5. It is a good choice for your soul.



I did not forget people loving music videos, 12 videos has been created to visualise the album with an unique vision from OneSelf. I mean my vision, since I am the only member of OneSelf. I consider myself as a multi – disciplinary creator and musician. A lot of hats to wear but not in the same time, it is a lot easier way.


Welcome in my own musical world, have a good journey, spend a nice day, I’m sure my music will bring back a smile in your heart, you already have one!  At least you know you‘re not alone to appreciate my songs. I took a look at my last statistics on some sites, I was so surprised  and proud 200,962, viewers and listeners fans, appreciating my first albums, especially Unicitude Door 5 and  Portraits of a confidence  Door 4


Thank you for your support , sharing and buying my music .


A song is cheaper than a cup of  coffee …


Mario Deschenes

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