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Post – October 2022


Here is a new review of my album  Atypical So ( A ) Typical

Atypical So ( A ) Typical by French Canadian rocker OneSelf featuring Mario Deschenes is a feel-good album with a retro 70’s sound. « The First You’ve Got » is a standout single with helpful life advice on holding on to « the first » and features Deschenes’s unique voice, as well as a twangy guitar rhythm. Other notable tracks include « Miss Classy Woman, » a beach party anthem with cheeky lyrics, and the one-man band OneSelf’s signature rock n’ roll appeal. As a United States reviewer, I enjoyed Atypical So ( A ) Typical for its universal bond to the world of bold rock music.


– Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer


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Thank you to my fans from Canada, United States, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Iceland, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Poland, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Ukraine, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Kenyan, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, and New Zeland, to appreciate my songs from my album  Atypical So ( A ) Typical, my 6ty album.

I must understand that people all around the world want to and need to hear authentic original Rock songs with melodies and good Beats, played with real guitars, and sung with real voices.  

I was so happy and proud when I went to see the stats of my latest album, the 7th is on the run, 4 songs and videos to go to complete the next one. 12 new original songs.

The question I asked myself is Which songs are loved in the United States, I’m sure, it is not the same songs they like in India, for example. If you can write me about which song and why you appreciate it? And where are you from?


Thank you to Avid Distribution, Spotify, Apple, and  Itunes. among others to make you hear my music.


You appreciate my songs, I thank you so much, have you watched the videos of the songs you like?

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Atypical So (A) Typical.

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OneSelf  Featuring  Mario Deschenes



Thank you to Drooble

Hi, I’m Mario Deschenes from OneSelf, a Canadian Rock band. I made my 6th album.

I wish you to hear my music on Drooble

If you like Rock songs with melodies and lyrics that mean emotions.

I’m sure you ask why Drooble, the main reason is  Drooble got 1/5 of the all played songs of mine.

46 599 songs played and loved by fans can’t be bad.

I recommend Drooble, if you look for new good songs, in any style of yours.

Thank you to share and listen to my song. You’d like to choose the site to hear my songs.

According to Google, there are my 

 Top Songs

  • The First You’ve Got. Atypical so ( ( A ) Typical · 2020.
  • Nothing’s Wrong ( All Is Fine ) Atypical so ( ( A ) Typical · 2020.
  • Tears in a Crowd. Atypical so ( ( A ) Typical · 2020.
  • Miss Classy Woman. Atypical so ( ( A ) Typical · 2020.
  • A New After. …
  • So Wise so Late. …
  • Too Much Pain for a Brokenhearted
  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

One of my songs  NOTHING’S WRONG ( ALL IS FINE )  from my album   ATYPICAL SO ( A ) TYPICAL  is on-air with AIRPLAYBUZZ.


Une de mes chansons NOTHING’S WRONG ( ALL IS FINE )  de mon album ATYPICAL SO ( A ) TYPICAL est diffusée sur les radios indépendantes grâce à  AIRPLAYBUZZ


OneSelf – Nothing’s Wrong (All Is Fine)






L’album  Rock, Blues, Atypical So ( A ) Typical


Looking for Rock melodic, Up-Tempo, Ballad songs with great rhythm guitars, great melodies, lyrics that talk about real life, and great beats of the drum that will make your body dance.    With the Rock sounds of today.

225 982 fans, followers, listeners, and viewers can not be wrong.


Vous aimez des chansons Rock avec des vraies rythmes de guitares, des mélodies accrocheuses, des paroles qui parlent de la vraie vie, une batterie qui vous donne le goût de danser, Cet album est tout a fait pour vous, avec un son tout au long de l’album, bien d’aujourd’hui.


10 songs out of 11 are the most popular songs for the album Atypical So ( A ) Typical on Apple, I Tunes and Spotify, songs as The first you’ve got, Less than me, Feeling mine to be, Nothing’s wrong ( All is fine ) Tears in a crowd, Miss Classy woman, A new after, So wise So late, Too much pain for a broken heart, Pouring love.


10 chansons sur 11 sont parmi les plus populaires de l’album Atypical So ( A ) Typical sur Apple, I tunes et Spotify, des chansons telles que The first you’ve got, Less than me, Feeling mine to be, Nothing’s wrong ( All is fine ) Tears in a crowd, Miss Classy woman, A new after, So wise So late, Too much pain for a broken heart, Pouring love.


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Comme dans le temps avec un son d’aujourd’hui.

225 982 supporteurs qui écoutent et regardent ne peuvent qu’être en accord.

225 982 fans, listeners, and viewers can not be wrong about my songs 


Atypical So ( A ) Typical  Featuring Mario Deschenes  disponible sur


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OneSelf captivates us with their latest rock album ‘Atypical So ( A ) Typical’

OneSelf Featuring Mario Deschenes Releases New Single ‘Nothing’s wrong (All is fine )’