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Unicitude Door 5 and Portraits of a confidence Door 4

Before you begin to read if you have any comments about my music, on any aspects of a song , or the way I produce my albums, or the videos I created, the way I could use to promote my music,  it  surely could help me for my next albums. Thank you.







Hi here’s  Mario Deschenes,  the only member of  OneSelf.  I would like to  talk about my album Unicitude  Door 5, released by  Sugo Music Distribution,  and Portraits of a confidence  Door 4  released by Symphonic Distribution available on I tunes and  a lot more sites.







First of all, I wish to thank  ( One more time )  from all my heart, the 141 311 fans listeners and viewers, I say, with a smile, that every fans of my music can’t be wrong.   Thank you for your support


At my surprise and happiness, I knew about my album Unicitude Door 5 is good but after almost 5 months , after many comments on my songs I begin to believe , this album of mine is better than I thought  my songs has reached the top of 141  311 people  listening to my music and watching my videos.


I don’t forget www.drooble.com for the evaluation of one of my song

Unicitude ( Unique link )



If you want to read the evaluation, here is the link 


At the end of the Press  -kit, you can download  (  For Free )   the  musical biography of my 5 albums


Written by some musicians from  www.drooble.com, I said to myself , they took the time to listen to carefully this song, the least I could do is to hear their own songs , I am sure I will discover a lot of good songs, and some talented musicians , to tell the truth , I’ve already begun , and  what I heard is amazing. Thank you, your comments will help me for my next album .

7  songs,  words and music are  ready and  the other songs are to be worked. The recording process will come after. When I will get 10 songs or more.


As you guess in my Posts before, I am a DO IT YOURSELF musician,  writing my songs , composing my music, recording my songs, mixing them, mastering them, creating the pictures for my albums and producing everything I make for my artistic worlds. As videos for my songs


According to Google research, the second  best song from my album  Unicitude Door 5 by OneSelf is Living with life ( In the morning )  Every song from Unicitude Door 5 is considered as best songs.  I mean all the album  ( 12 songs out of 12 ) .This is one of my favourite for the Beat, the lyrics, the little old Rock n Roll side made of this song , a good one to Rock. 





According to Google research, the second best song from my album  Portraits of a confidence by OneSelf is No days but drop by drop . ( 9 songs are considered as the best of this album.  )  


To speak the truth, I listened to this song lately, I was surprised by the Drum the lead guitar  I play on ,voices I made to have a mood of old Rock n Roll    




Thank you to share my songs, and for your support


Looking for Rock melodic songs, good groove, well – written, recorded with passion and truth!


My albums Unicitude  Door 5 and  Portraits of a confidence Door 4  are just for you.


Thank you for your support, I think everyone knows that, in music business, it takes a lot of promotion, and it costs something, for sure, we have nothing for nothing. It is OK by me, anyone has to earn money to live.


If you took the time to read the Post # 20, love my music, you want to support me, you could buy only one song, I could do more promotion, because you helped me, you desire something more , I have something you might like , go  for a mug or a cap or a hoodie, this is another way to support me.




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The creations on this site are made by me.


Thank you for your support, it will surely help me…. and it will be much easier to promote my old albums and to create my next ones.




Mario Deschenes