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Post # 11  in 2019

Hi , This is  Mario Deschenes, member of  OneSelf, with gratitude and humility, I am proud of the 198 051  followers and viewers for sharing my pieces of Arts. I mean my Music and Videos, my Paintings, the designs on clothes.

Post # 11    2019


Doc postcard 11 August

Looking for songs, different of you used to listen to , with a little something that reminds you Rock songs that you heard before when songs meant something with lyrics that comfort you . These songs are…. far from the boring production of our times .

Wrote with pleasure and passion , Played with pleasure and passion, recorded with , you know what , pleasure and passion, it is absolutely true. You will hear these songs from the album called Unicitude  Door 5 by Oneself with pleasure and passion.

You will have a good time for sure to discover my  genuine songs created with pleasure and passion.

You want to get a good idea about my songs and videos here is a link




Read the partial review down below.


According to Drooble


Album review December 13 2018


…..  ‘Unicitude Door 5’ you’ll see it’s the record he’s most proud of. Accompanied by a very unique set of visuals, including whole twelve videos for each of the tracks in the album, the music of Oneself is definitely a journey in somebody’s world.



…. Oneself is something more. It’s really like a peek in somebody’s head. Sound-wise ‘Unicitude Door 5’ is a product of careful and gradual layering of elements, solid rhythm section with bass, guitars and drums giving the desired pulse and emotion you need in a rock banger.


…. This foundation is further accomplished by lively piano melodies, sweet leads and the casual guitar solo. It all sounds warm, lo-fi, very organic and far from the boring production of our times.


You want to read the whole review.


A special thanks to for the comments I received from Drooblers. I keep them in my heart and in my Music


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Mario Deschenes