Portraits of a confidence Door 4


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Portraits of a confidence  Door 4

OneSelf  has 14 songs ( out of 14 songs ) in the Top 10 Original Rock Chart

Oneself ,  is  Mario Deschenes, the  only one member of this band.
Musician , producer , composer , and also writer.

From the first note to the last measure ,  Oneself  know how to create his own distinctive and unique signature of his songs and music. Free Rock as its best.

Portraits of a confidence  Door 4  is his fourth album , it answers to a promise he made with himself .

In 2013 , he lost his older brother, the pain of his death touched  him so deeply Mario decided to realise an album to pay a tribute to this brother.

He wrote so many songs , only 14 of them are there in the compact disc.

Mario kept in mind souvenirs, expressions that his brother used to tell, pictures he created, events he lived, discussions with him  in the last moments before his lost .

Every songs, appearing in Portraits of a confidence  Door 4, represent  an aspect of brotherhoodship he shared with him.

Oneself let his inspiration open wide during the process of his piece of art, his way to write his songs changed, the way to compose changed, his recording style changed too.  Even his way to sing.

Something new and real in the musical landscape , songs wrapped with emotion from a heart injured by a death , passion you can feel, melodies floating in your ears. Everything is created with respect for his brother

Thank you to my brother.   Rest in peace …